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Since the last three years, there were at least 15 terrorist attacks in Indonesia, including a boom blast in Bau in 2002, which killed at least 243 and injured hundreds of people. Areas and targets of the terrorist in Indonesia are now widely spreading not only to domestic one but also international one. Indonesian premises abroad are even target, like what happened in Indonesian Embassy in Paris in 2004. This shows that if not being well and effectively managed, terrorism threats will be broader either their intensity or frequent. Having more knowledge and more sophisticated-used technology, more difficulttodetectearlyand identifythe perpetrators.
Terrorists that have international links and networks are not entirely grasped by Indonesia security officers.

In order to prevent and combat terrorism, the Government of Indonesia has problems, such äs:
1. The limited quality and capacity of intelligence Institution
2. Terrorism that has grown can paralyze life of the general public.

The targets of efforts to prevent and overcome terrorism are the following:
1. The reduced incidents of terrorism in the jurisdiction area of Indonesia.
2. The enhanced resiliency of the general public against terrorist actions.
3. The increased capacity of the state to prevent and deterthreats of terrorism äs a whole.

Policies Direction

The said target are to be attained through the following policy direction:

1. Consolidating operations for overcoming terrorism.
2. Socializing and protecting the general public against terrorist actions.
3. Preparing the institutions and enforcing the laws for overcoming terrorism on the basis of the principles of democracy and basic human rights.
4. Developing the capacity for deterring and overcoming terrorism.

Development Programs

The policy directions for preventing and overcoming terrorism are further specified into the following development programs.

1. Program for the Development of Investigation, Safeguarding and Consolidating State Security
The aims of this program is to enhance professionalism of the intelligence so äs to become more sensitive, sharp and anticipative in the detection and elimination of various threats, challenges, impediments and disturbances to the national interest, specifically pertaining to the prevention, taking action and overcoming terrorism.
The main activities that will be take are the following:
a. To carry out intelligence operations, including steps for the prevention, taking measures and for overcoming
b. To coordinate the entire central and regional intelligence agencies throughout the NKRI in the implementation of intelligence Operation, encompassing the prevention of, taking measures to and overcoming terrorism.
c. To assess, analyze changes in the Strategie environment, management and compilation of intelligence product.
d. To procure intelligence operational facilities and infrastructure at the central and regional level.

2. Program for the Development of Safeguarding to State Secrets
The aim of this program is to enhance the professionalism of counter-intelligence in protecting the national interest and against threats, challenges, impediments and disturbances, including in the effort to prevent and overcometerrorism.
The main activities hat will be carried out are the following:
a. To conduct activities for the education and trainihg of human resources on counter terrorism coding matters;
b. To carry out operations on anti-terrorism coding;
c. To procure and develop coding Instruments for supporting and terror operations;
d. To expand the Coding Communication Network in the context of counter-
terrorism activities.

3. Program for Consolidating Domestic Security
The aim of this program is to enhanced and Consolidated security and public order throughout Indonesia, in the context of preventing and overcoming terrorism, namely by enhancing the copacity of national institutions in the handling of terrorist problems and in the operational handling of terrorism, that is supported by cooperation among government agencies by involving all components of the nation, encompassing the capacity for early detection, early prevention, overcoming and exposition and rehabilitation steps.

Carried Out Activities

The main activities that will be carried out are the following:

1. To enhance the Terrorism Desk in the preparation of policies and in the coordination of steps for overcoming terrorism, so äs to create synergy with the construction of the capacity of the respective security Institution.

2. To enhance the capacity of the components of the defense and security forces in the handling of terrorist actions.

3. To restructure the operations of security institutions in the handling of terrorism, including the development of operational and procedural Standards in the implementation of joint exercises.

4. To enhance the open security for the safeguarding of the state Symbols, in order to minimize the possibilities of terrorist actions and to provide a sense of security to the people and the nation.

5. To enhance the closed security to public areas, in order to optimize the capacity for early detection and for the direct on-the-spot prevention.

6. To socialize to the general public so äs to minimize the effects of terrorism.

7. To carry out communication and dialogues activities and to intensively carry out efforts for empowering groups in society in the context of bridging aspirations, preventing the growth of Potential terrorism and to indirectly de-legitimize the motives for terrorist actions.

8. To enhance regional cooperation among ASEAN nations in the efforts to deter and overcome terrorist actions.

9. To handle terrorism in a multilateral manner under the United Nations, including for preventing the sales of conventional weapons and Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMD);

10.To arrest and process, by the due process of law, the main leaders of terrorist operations.

11. To supervise the transactions of funds an to freeze assets of terrorist groups.

12. To enhance the supervision of immigration matters and to take measures for land, sea andairinterdiction.

13. To enhance supervision on the production and sales and carry out steps for the disarmament of weapons and explosives äs part of the global disarmament efforts.