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National development conducted by the state and the people of Republic Indonesia since the independence day has result from several progress although there are still many expectations that have notbeenachieved.
In achieving the national goals, there are many obstacles that could be viewed äs dynamics of lives of nation and state. One of the current obstacles that should be alert on is how to improve sense of secure of the people from criminal actions, terrorism, transnational crimes äs well äs conflicts among tribes and groups, anarchy or illegal actions, and disintegration threats to the country.Secured and peaceful live is the individual rights and nation's dream that every body wants it comes true. Security means free from danger, free from external and domestic threats. Security also has a meaning reflecting Situation that is without fear and worries, while peace means there is no longer conflicts, no longer chaos, people have no enemies and live peacefully in the System of state that has priority on the rule of law principle.


The First Target

The Increase Sense of Security and Peace as Reflected in:
1. The decline of tension and conflicts among socialgroups,
2. The decrease of the criminal incidences in urban and rural areas, and
3. The decline of robberies and piracies at sea and cross border smuggiing

To achieving this target, the priorities of the development are placed on:
1. Increasing mutual confidence and harmony among the social groups, with the policies focusedon:
a. Strengthening existing harmony and preventing all activities that could trigger unfairness and unjust, so that, the strong civil society will be established.
b. Strengthening and articuiating national identity
c. Establishing, among and between religious society, lives admiring mutual-respect in order to conduct secured and peaceful Situation and to prevent and settle conflicts between different ethnic or different believers of certain religion as well as to improve the quality of Services in religious lives for the whole people. Through this policy, the people will get their basic rights in choosing the religion and beliefs and conducting their religion belief respectively.

2. Developing culture based on noble ancestral values, with the policies focused on:
a. Stimulating the establishment of open and democratic media for cultural dialogues so the differences between and among them do not develop into social conflicts.
b. Stimulating the accomplishment of modernization process that can be viewed from the establishment of modern and sustainable Indonesia and the strenger role ofcivil society.
c. Revitalization of local values and wisdoms äs one of the vital points in developing etiquettes in social lives in order to strengthen national identity.
d. Enhancing people's respect to local cultures and products.

3. Enhancing security, order and overcoming crimes, by:
a. Performing law enforcement principles in
strict, fair and non-discriminatory manner
b. Strengthening the capability of armed forces
c. Increasing people's participation in preventing criminal actions and security threats and order in respective areas.
d. Resolving and preventing problems related todrugsabuse.
e. Improving people's awareness on judicial rights and responsibilities.
f. Enhancing international cooperation to combat transnational crimes.

The Second Target

the Continued Strengthening of the NKR1 (Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia) on the Basis of the Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, as reflected in:
1. The effective effort to overcome endeavors to secede from the NKRI
2. The increased ability of the state to overcome terrorism so äs to uphold the sovereignty of the NKRI from domestic as well as foreign threats.

To achieve this targets, national developments in the period of 2004 2009 put the priorities on:
1. Preventing and resolving Separatist conflict in Aceh and Papua with comprehensive approaches, including strict treatment to Separatist actors in regards with respect to human rights of civil society.

2. Preventing and resolving Separatist conflict, is conducted in orderte:
a. Compose and effectively implement judicial framework for anti-terrorists
b. Improve the capability and capacity building ofanti-terrorism
c. Enhance cooperation to combat terrorism

3. Improving the capability of armed forces, in order to:
a. Improve professionalism of armed forces Personals by modernization of defense System equipments.
b. Review role of armed forces in social and political aspect
c. Improve gradually people's support for defense
d. Improve the prosperity of the armed forces Personals

The Third Target

Increased Role of Indonesia in Creating World Peace with the Priorities Placed on Consolidating Foreign Policy and Enhancing International Cooperation

To achieve this target, the national development is prioritized on consolidating Foreign Policy and Enhancing International Cooperation, by policies focused on:
1. Improving the quality of foreign diplomacy to struggle for national interests.
2. Continuing Indonesian commitments towards establishing identity and regional integrity, particularly in ASEAN.
3. Continuing Indonesian commitments toward efforts to the settlement peaceful world.

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