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On of national target in regards to the implementation of foreign policy is participation in establishing an order world based on independence, immortal peace and social justice. Constellations of international politics continually changes and are füll of uncertainty has been born a lot of problems, changes and challenges. This development demands Indonesian state and the nation to settle its implementation of foreign policy and promote its cooperation with regional and international fora in order to achieve national target.

In global scope, lot of problems occurred, inter alia, unilateral trends conducted by super powers in international relations and globalization impacts that have been widened disparities between developed countries and developing countries äs well äs creating lot of trans-national crimes. Meanwhile, in regional scope, some problems are developing, inter alia, decreased Strategie role and leadership of Indonesia in South East region; border issues with neighboring countries, either terrain border or sea border, which is not only threats the integrity of Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia but also creates trans-national issues; äs well äs, more Problems faced by Indonesian workers abroad such äs legal aspectof theirdocumentsand breaking law.



The target to be attained by the efforts to consolidate foreign policy and enhance international cooperation are the increased role of Indonesia in international relations and in creating world peace, and the restored image of Indonesia and confidence of the international community and that encouraged the creation of a better regional and international economic order and cooperation in supporting national development.

Policies Directions

The policy directions in the consolidating of foreign policy and enhancement of international cooperation, arethefollowing:

1. Increasing the quality of Indonesia's diplomacy, in the context of striving for maintaining the national interest, that include the settlement of border problems and the protection of interests of Indonesian communities abroad.
2. Continuing the commitment of Indonesia for the establishment of a regional identity and the consolidation of regional Integration, particularly in ASEAN.
3. Affirming the importance of maintaining solidarity through international, bilateral and regional cooperation äs well äs other regionalcooperation, mutual trust and peace in international policies and relation.
4. Enhancing support and role of the international community and attaining the objectives of national developments.
5. Enhancing coordination in the implementation of foreign relation, in accordance with the Laws.

Development Programs

The policy direction for consolidating foreign policy and enhancing international cooperation are further specified into the following development programs:
1. Programs for Consolidating Foreign Policy and Optimizing Diplomacy of Indonesia
The aim of this program is the enhanced capacity and performance of foreign policy in providing its contribution to the democratization process, political stability and national unity and the more strengthened performance of Indonesia's diplomacy.

The main activities that will be carried out are the following:
a. To formulate concept for providing more affirmative, visionary and quality response, in relation to Strategie international issues.
b. To strive for the entry of such concept at the end of each negotiation and discussions, at the bilateral, regional äs well äs global level.
c. To formulate various international agreements that are in line with the national interest in the development of democracy, national security and the effectuation of basic human rights values, and with the sovereignty of the NKRI (Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia).
d. To carry out border diplomacy that is well-coordinated, in the context of maintaining territorial integrity of the lands, seas and air of Indonesia
e. To carry out foreign relation and consolidating foreign policy that are consistent and productive for the performance of Indonesia's diplomacy.
f. To enhance Indonesia's image and promote the achievements of implementing democratic principles, civil freedom and the movementforgenderequality in Indonesia.
g. To increase protections for Indonesian citizen and Indonesian legal entities abroad, and to formulate public diplomacy policies that are transparent, participatory and accountable, in the creation of international peace and security, and
h. To strengthen diplomacy Institution through the reform of institutions and the enhancement of professionalism of human resources.

2. Programs for Enhancing International Cooperation.
The aim of this program is the more optimal utilization of various positive potentials at each international cooperation forum, especially the ASEAN, APEC cooperation, other multilateral cooperation, and cooperation among nations thathavecommon interestwith Indonesia. The main activities that will be carried out are the following:
a. To create a better understandings and coordination between Foreign Ministry and other government agencies, such äs: Ministry of Defense, Coordinating Ministry for Political, Judicial and Security Affairs, Headquarter of National Armed Forces and National Police äs well äs intelligence community for cooperating with partner institutions in a bilateral, regional or international manners, in the efforts for enhancing mutual understanding in maintaining regional security, regional Integration and the safeguarding of national natural resources.
b. To formulate an improved working framework an d follow-up actions for the establishment of the ASEAN Security/ Economic/socio-Cultural Community.
c. To consolidate international cooperation in economic, trade, social and cultural fields for attaining the objectives of social and economic development that have internationally been agreed, such äs the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
d. To facilitate the broadly community based and initiated cultural and educational diplomacy network, and
e. To facilitate efforts for expanding the network and for enhancing the already advanced utilization of sister-cities between cities arid provinces in Indonesia and cities and provinces inothernations.

3. Programs for Affirmation of Commitment to World Peace
The aim of this program is the reaffirmation of Indonesia's commitment to the implementation and formulation of international rules and laws, to the upholding of the principles of multilateralism in international relations and to opposingunilateralism, aggression and the use of all forms of force in the settlement of international Problems.
The main activities that will be carry out are the following:
a, Enhancing Indonesian commitments and roles in the UN reforms and revitalization, including in Security Council by making it more democratic either in representative or procedural aspects.
b. Promoting and Enhancing participation actively in every international fora for resolving Palestinian conflict fairly through the UN and ending Israel resettlement, äs part of efforts to participate in establishing word peace.
c. Promoting efforts to combat trans-national crimes, such äs: terrorism, money laundering, psychotropic crimes, human smugglings and trafficking through bilateral, regional or multilateral approach conducted inclusively, fairly and in line with international laws.d. Participating actively in establishing peaceful world.

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