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Justice is a foundation in national and state life so that justice has a depth meaning for the nation and the people of Indonesia. In a democratic governrnent System, state recognize rights and responsibility of every citizen. So that principle of rule of law should inspire daily life of state and government apparatus. The justice should also become an umbrella of security for preventing conflicts and social prejudice among the people. Without satisfying, the life of nation and state can be troubled.
On other hand, democracy means way of life that puts priorities on equality of the rights and responsibility äs well äs same treatments for all people before the law. By reforms, democratic process in all aspects of lives for nation and state becomes more successful. In process to establish a just and democratic Indonesia, there are 5 (five) targets should be achieved through national development.



The First Target

the enhanced justice and law enforcement, that are reflected from:
1. In the creation of a judicial system that is just, consistent and not discriminative and that provides protection and respect the basic rightsofman
2. the ensures consistency of the entire legal framework at the central äs well äs regional levels, äs pari of the effort to restore confidence of society in the certainty of the laws. With regard to law enforcement, priority is placed on the eradication of corruption by taking action against the actors of corruption and the Steps to return funds that have been obtained from corruption to the state, the prevention and overcoming of terrorism, and the eradication of the abuse of illegal drugs. Specifically on the eradication of corruption, attention is given to effort for empowering the Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (KPK) and the court for handling the Corrupt Cases and the empowering of the Commission for Supervising the State Attorney Office, äs an external control from society to the performance of the apparatus of the state attorney's office.

To attain this target, the priorities of the 2004 2009 national developments, are place in the following:
1. Reform of the National Law System and the Political Law, that is directed especially at strengthening effort for eradicating corruption, through improvements of law substance, the structure of the law and the law culture by enhancing professionalism and improving the
quality of the System in all aspects of the courts, simplifying the court System and ascertaining that the law is enforced in a just manner by respecting and strengthening, the wisdom of custom laws, that are of a local nature, in order to enrich the System of laws and regulation.
2. Elimination of all forms of discrimination, including discrimination in the field of law, by the enforcement of laws in a just manner and by at the same time eliminating regulations that are discriminative, involve gender injustice, and that violate the principle of justice, in order that all citizens are equal before the law.
3. Respecting, compliance, and enforcement of the Law and recognition of basic human rights, by among others, implementation various action plans, such äs Action Plans on Basic Human Right 2004 2009, the National Actions Plan for the Eradication of Corruption, the National Actions for the Eradication of Sexual Commercial Exploitation of Children, the National Action Plan for the Eradication of Form of the Worst Employment for Children, and the National Program for Indonesian Children (PNBAI)2005.

The Second Target

the assurance of gender justice for increasing the role of women in various development fields, äs to be reflected in various laws, development programs and public policy improvement in Gender-Related Development Index (GDI) and Gender Empowerment Measurement
(GEM); and the reduced violence against women and children; and the improved welfare and protection of children.

To attain this target, the priority is placed in Enhancing the Quality of Live and the Role Women and the Welfare and Protection of Children, through policies thatare directed at:

1. Promoting the involvement of women in the political process and in holding public positions;
2. Enhancing the Standards of education and health Services äs well äs other programs for enhancing the quality of life and the resources of women;
3. Increasing the anti-violence against women and children campaign;
4. Improving the penal law framework so that it become more comprehensive for the protection of each individual against violence in household;
5. Increasing the welfare and protection of children; and,
6. Strengthening the institutions and networks for the mainstreaming of gender and children, including the availability of data and enhancing the participation of the general public.

The Third Target

enhanced Services to society by implementing regional autonomy and regional good governance and by maintaining consistency of all central and regional regulations, and to eliminate
regulations that are in contravention with higher regulations in the context of enhancing justice for the regions in their development activities.

In order to attain this target, the development priority is placed in the Revitalization of the Decentralization and Regional Autonomy Process, thatdirected at:

1. Making explicit the division of authority between various level of government.
2. Encouraging cooperation among regional governments.
3. Reforming government Institution in the regions in order to become more effective and efficient.
4. Increasing the quality of the state apparatus in the regions.
5. Increasing the financial capacity of regional government, and6. Reforming a new regional autonomy.

The Fourth Target

The enhanced Services of the bureaucracy to the general public, that is reflected in the:
1. Effective reduction in the practices of corruption in the bureaucracy, and is to be started from the highest level positions.
2. The attainment of a government and bureaucracy System that is clean, accountable, transparent, efficient and credible.
3. The elimination of regulations and practices that are discriminative to citizens, groups, or categories in society,and
4. The increased participation of the people at large in the public policy decisions.

To attain this target, the development priority is placed in the Creation of a Clean and Credible Government,with the following directions:
1. Completely resolving efforts to overcome abuse of power in the form of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) by applying the principles of good governance, increasing the effectiveness of supervision, and enhancing the work culture and ethics in the bureaucracy.
2. Improving the quality of state administration through reforms of institutions, public management and by increasing the capacity of human resources of the apparatus, and
3. Increasing the empowerment of the people in the implementation of development activities through the increase of the quality of public Services.

The Fifth Target

The democratic, just and fair implementation of the 2009 general election, by maintaining momentum of consolidation of democracy that has been in the process on the basis of results of the general election in 2004.

In order to attain this target, the development priority is placed in the realization of a solid democracy Institution, with policies directed at:
1. Optimizing functions and relations among executive, legislative and judicial institutions.
2. Encouraging efforts to empower the people at large, and
3. Enhancing the quality of political parties and the implementation of general elections, in line with the stipulation of the constitution.

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